We are proud and passionate with our work. Listed below are some of the projects and reviews we have received and delivered on.

Projects (Services Used)


"Ian is a dedicated student of perfection. He is constantly studying and learning whenever placed in a new environment. Leximo is an astounding concept, and I have a hunch that Ian will be one of those young tech mavens (like Mark Zuckerberg), that redefine our world."
Marilyn Santiago, President of Sunshine Integrated Solutions

"Known the man while working with social media and learnt a great deal from him, needless to add he knows a lot of concrete stuff to separate out the wheat from the chaff any given day. Has a charming personality to go with his serious stance on the set targets. Is always up-to-date with anything that he should know for the job. Talking to Ian every once a while has been a good habit I picked up over the last year and I recommend doing so to other people who know Ian as well. Wishing you the best of you for everything you do Ian."
Kumar Rahul Ghosh, Creator of  Diditz Facebook App

"They helped us on Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon. We got out 100 more visitors than we would have previously on both saturday and sunday. They weren't satisfied though and did some extra tweaks to our blog and next thing you know they freakin' did it! We received 10,000+ visitors when we hit the front pages of Digg and Reddit. Wow ....Ian is simply da man!"
Nirav Sheth, Co-founder of Obnoxious Listeners

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